#1 rule of moms

if you lost something, you will spend obnoxious amounts of time looking for it.

your mother will find it without even really looking for it.

terraterrific let me design my very own Navilu….so I made this guy. his name is fiore and I love him to bits


I made a BJD specific blog, so if you’re interested, please do follow me other there! I’ll be posting my doll, as well as reblogging other bjd related things as well. c:

also some misc doodles from a few days ago but i never posted

I drew Hildy for terraterrific for absolutely no reason other than she’s really cute

I re-designed levi because i really didnt like his old design

a doodle of damien the gross vampire before i go to work

im seriously thinking about deleting this blog….

Trade for togika , her oc Quinci.

terraterrific's Navilu Dolce.~ He's such a pretty butt (no pun intended) c:

a doodle of my oc charles when he’s older…cuz i can

Jeremiah always makes me happy when I’m down.

Sketch for Togika on FurAffinity.

Sketch for Togika on FurAffinity.